Tribute to Camilo Cienfuegos throughout Cuba (+Photos)

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Contramaestre, Oct 28.- Today al the Cuban people pay tribute to the unforgettable hero, Camilo Ciefuegos Gorriarán, also called due to his deeds: El Hombre de la Vaguardia (“The Man of Vanguard”), El Héroe de Yaguajay (“The Hero of Yaguajay”), Hombre de Pueblo (“Man of the People”)

Every year, all the students and the population throw flowers into rivers and the sea. This year the homage has a particularity since those places where flowers are being thrown to rivers and the sea, the participants of the event should follow the limitations imposed by the Covid-19, as indicated by the Cuban government.

Last year

After the triumph of January 1, 1959, Camilo’s activity was decisive in strengthening the Rebel Army, uniting the will of the people, uniting forces in support of the laws and measures of the Cuban Revolution, supporting its leader and definitively reaffirming the seizure of political power. His incessant battle in the short time he lived in the liberated homeland touched the Cubans.

From those glorious initial days, he confessed: “I went to the Revolution because I knew, I was very conscious that Cuba needed this Revolution, that Cuba needed not only the fall of the dictator, but that Cuba needed this Revolution that we have today, so that one day in Cuba there would be social justice and so that one day, which is what we are living today, the people of Cuba would live with full rights and the citizens of this land of ours would not be the men depleted and men always exploited.

In the initial days of the Revolution, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Rebel Army, a position from which he neutralized and arrested the traitor Hubert Matos, after the attempted uprising in Camagüey. The plane in which he was traveling disappeared on October 28, 1959 on a return trip from Camagüey to Havana and it was never found.

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