The Cuban Revolution Has Always Existed for Its People

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Today, in 2019, the media are more powerful. The resources to pay mercenaries in the service of lies against Cuba are substantial. But the purpose of the United States is the same as that of 1959: to wipe out the Cuban Revolution.

In that luminous January of the first year of the revolutionary triumph, when the nascent Government was fulfilling one of the moral commitments of greatest demand, the trial against the notorious terrorists, criminals and torturers, who caused pain and mourning for an entire people, the imperial hornet’s nest turned upside down and from the United States, the Government that had already welcomed there hundreds of murderers who left Cuba, began a ferocious campaign of discredit against the Island.

Fidel, the triumphant genius who in those days had arrived in the capital as head of the Freedom Caravan, quickly became aware of the objective that Washington was hiding behind so many lies and manipulation.

First, on January 13, 15 and 16, in public appearances, the Chief of the Revolution recalled how the U.S. press and government silenced the crimes of Batista’s dictatorship and after the revolutionary triumph, they attacked the first and necessary measures that were adopted against the perpetrators of such evil deeds by the recently defeated government.

The people, who not only asked for, but also demanded justice, concentrated in response to the call of their leader and almost one million Cubans gathered in front of the northern terrace of the Presidential Palace.

This was the beginning of the Operación Verdad (” Truth Operation”). There were 380 foreign journalists who attended, as well as the Diplomatic Corps and other guests.

In a moment of his intervention, Fidel said: “Those who agree with the justice that is being enforced, those who agree that the henchmen be shot, raise your hands (the crowd raises their hands unanimously). Representatives of the diplomatic corps, journalists from all over the continent, the jury made up of one million Cubans of all ideas and from all social classes, have voted.

The world recognized that that act was the grand jury of the people who said yes to revolutionary justice. It was January 21, 1959, and the Revolution felt how its people gave it their full support.

Fidel has since said, “I do not have to render accounts to any U.S. Congressman or any foreign government. I render accounts to the peoples, first of all, to my people.

In this way, he responded to a group of U.S. congressmen who opposed – with what right! – the prosecution of Batista’s war criminals and requested that the State Department to intervene in the case.

From those days come the economic sanctions against our country, first with the suspension of the sugar quota, then the commercial blockade, and if necessary the sending of troops.

The next day, January 22, what the Commander called the largest press conference in the world was held in the halls of the Riviera Hotel in Havana.

Journalists and analysts of that unique event highlight the antecedent that two big American news agencies -Associated Press and United Press-, together with the Interamerican Press Society (IAPA) and several U.S. congressmen, unleashed the most infamous and unjust campaign against the Island.

Fidel summoned to Havana all foreign journalists who would like to know the Cuban reality, a fact that has gone down in history under the name of Operación Verdad.

In an article published on the subject, colleague Juan Marrero remembers that, upon returning to their countries, many of the journalists who came to Cuba could not publish what they wrote. Some of them were since then friends and close collaborators of our process, although it would be difficult for them to remain unemployed and to be persecuted.

(Taken form Granma in Spanish)

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