Romárico Cordero, peasant leader of all times

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Contramaestre is one of the territories in eastern Cuba that has given the homeland great figures in different stages of history. Romárico Javier Cordero Garcés or Romárico Cordero as everyone knew him was one of those men who set standards for his unceasing support to the peasant sector.

Romárico was born on a day like today, August 11, 1899, in Payares farm, Granma province, from a wealthy Spanish family.

This man was not only fortunate in his qualities as a peasant leader, neighbor, friend, but also in love. Carmen Fernández Pavón and Rosa Hernández Maidique conquered the heart of this courageous man who settled in Contramaestre.

From the first marriage his first three children were born and from the second six. Descendants who inherited from their father values such as courage, love of country, love of neighbor and humanism.

La Venta de Casanova was the place chosen by the peasant leader Romárico Cordero to live and begin the struggle for the rights of the peasants. It was a place where he was defended and saved on several occasions by the farmers of the rural locality.

In that place he decided to fight against the puppet governments of the Neocolonial Republic and by fate he decided to settle in the Ventas de Casanova Farm, a cattle fiefdom that the dictator Gerardo Machado had usurped by usurping numerous farms.

It was in that territory where he organized the Peasant Association of La Venta de Casanova, which led to several clashes with the former Machado’s majorales who, supported by the rural guard and in cahoots with the rich landowner Federico Fernandez, influential politician and owner of the Central America, tried by all means to dispossess the peasants of the lands occupied by the revolutionaries.

Thus began a long battle in defense of the working peasantry, which culminated when the Cuban Revolution triumphed and in which process Romárico’s work would be another in the agricultural sector.

After the revolutionary triumph, Romárico Cordero lived the last moments of his life near the Contramaestre river. His farm El Refugio was the place chosen for the struggle of this man who did so much for the peasantry of the eastern territory.

Romárico Cordero lived for one hundred years, a leader who made honesty, justice, humanism and love for his country part of his extensive struggle for the rights of peasants and workers.

The man who enjoyed the butterfly flower and roses in his garden said goodbye peacefully on August 18, 1969 in his beloved Contramaestre. A martyr who is remembered today 122 years after his birth.


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