Armed 30th November uprising in Santiago de Cuba

On November 30, 1956, the revolutionary leader Frank País, fulfilling his commitment to Fidel Castro in Mexico and waiting for the landing of the Granma yacht , led the armed uprising in Santiago de Cuba city.

For the first time, the forces of the July 26th Movement dressed in olive green* in the streets of Cuba, and those involved in the uprising controlled the eastern city for several hours, but seeing that the landing was delayed, they had no other choice but to retreat.

On this heroic day of November 30, the fighters Tony Aloma, Pepito Tey and Otto Parellada were killed.

The Armed November uprising in western Cuba

The West also took up arms to support the landing of the Granma. A group of fighters from the July 26th Movement in Pinar del Río went into the mountainous areas of this province in order to wait for Fidel’s arrival at the Cuban coast.

One uprising took place near kilometer 17 of the road leading to the town of Viñales and the other in the area of Malas Aguas, near the Matahambre Mines.

Colonel Evelio Miranda, the province’s Military Chief denied to the media that an armed uprising was being prepared in Vueltabajo. Since the conditions were not created to sustain this type of action, they did not fulfill their objective.

After twenty days of fighting, on November 30, 1958 – the battle of Guisa, led by Fidel in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra came to an end with the victory for the rebel arms.

From that moment on and after the liberation of other villages such as Palma Soriano, Contramaestre and Maffo, the dominance of the rebel forces became more and more evident.

As a result of that action the army of the tyranny left more than 100 casualties in the battlefield and the revolutionaries were able to recover hundreds of weapons and ammunition of various calibers. Captain Braulio Coroneaux was the most sensitive loss during that day of fighting for the Rebel Army.

*Olive green. That is the color of the uniform of the Rebel Army led by Fidel Castro during the war against Batista dictatorship. Fidel Castro kept on wearing olive green uniforms throughout his entire life.

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