José Martí, Cuba’s Apostle

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It was January 28, 1853, when Leonor Pérez gave birth to a child predestined to become the Apostle of Cuba’s independence. José Martí Pérez was born.

With astonishing intelligence and the teachings of the teacher Rafael María de Mendive, Martí began the development of his political thought.

For his revolutionary activities against Spanish colonialism he was imprisoned when he was only 17 years old. His fragile complexion did not resist the cruelty of the forced labor to which he was subjected, and ill, he was deported to Spain where he would begin a painful and prolific exile at the same time.

The Apostle united Cubans in exile

Far from his homeland, he took advantage of every minute to nurture the unity of his compatriots, and to obtain the necessary resources to continue the uprising.

From his exile, whose greater time was spent in the United States, he conceived the uprising of February 24, 1895, which would take place in several points of the Cuban geography.

On April 11, Martí arrived at the coast of southeastern Cuba, together with Máximo Gómez, to join the newly initiated war against Spanish colonialism. Death surprised him in the first combat, on May 19, just a little more than a month after his arrival to the island.

His ideas will live forever in Cubans who defend and love our free and sovereign homeland. This is the best and worthy honor to the Apostle of Cuba.


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