La Mejorana symbolized the unity we inherited.

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La Mejorana farm, a territory that today belongs to San Luis municipality, in Santiago de Cuba province, was the scene of a crucial encounter between three leaders of the War of 1895, José Martí, Antonio Maceo and Máximo Gómez, who held an enigmatic meeting, in which, despite the contradictions, unity prevailed to define the course of the War.

The exchange of opinions between those men took place on May 5, 1895 in the house of Germán Álvarez, manager of the sugar cane colony of La Mejorana sugar mill.

La Mejorana, contradictions and unity

This was the last decisive exchange in which Maceo and Martí took part to discuss matters of the independence operations, and it constituted the most transcendental event of the Revolution of 1895 after the arrival to the eastern coasts of the expeditions that brought the first waves of Mambi chiefs.

The military command without civilian interference was Maceo’s criterion, while, Martí aspired to a balance with the “Army, and a government that represented the country with all its dignity”, criterion supported by Gómez, and Maceo after all, in spite of the disagreements for the summoning of an Assembly of Delegates to form a government.

To analyze the events of that May 5, 1895, there is no exact historical evidence of the transcendental conversation between Gómez, the General in Chief, Maceo, the Lieutenant, and Martí, the Delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, soul of the Revolution. The pages of the diaries of that day were taken out, so there are details there that are not yet known.

However, the disagreements of the moment, even the quarrels accumulated over the years, did not prevent the common and necessary cause from making the three Mambi leaders converge in the idea that only with absolute unity was it possible to achieve independence.

Today the Cuban people, heirs of all the revolutionary principles forged in the struggle initiated by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in 1868, continued by the protagonists of La Mejorana en Guerra in 1895, and successfully concluded by Fidel Castro in 1959, continue firm and determined to preserve the Cuban Revolution, before the onslaught of the enemy in all orders.

Unity as a shield of our sovereignty and independence, allows us to ratify that “NO POWER IN THE WORLD THAT CAN CRUNCH THE POWER OF TRUTH AND IDEAS, following the concept of Revolution given by Fidel Castro.


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