La Bayamesa, Cuban National Anthum

As the schools are closed to defend the students of Covid-19, the absence of the Cuban National Anthem, which is usually sung at the beginning of each day, stands out. Today, June 11th, Cubans remember with pleasure that this same day in 1868, the melody La Bayamesa, composed by Perucho Figueredo, was interpreted for the first time in public during the religious festivities of Corpus Christie, in the presence of the Military Governor of the Plaza, Colonel Julián Udaeta, quien supo desde el primer momento que era un himno ded guerra.

The march was executed inside the church, under the intense patriotic emotion of the revolutionaries who came out behind the band in procession, listening to those immortal airs.
On October 20, 1868, the insurrectionist forces under the command of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes managed to surrender the city of Bayamo, where, surrounded by his compatriots, Figuerao wrote the lyrics of that melody that many people already knew. Immediately those present began to sing what constitutes the National Anthem of Cuba, the Bayamo Hymn, as it is also known.

From that moment on, that patriotic march accompanied the insurgents who, under the orders of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, had begun the Ten Years’ War for Cuba’s independence on tn days before. Thus, its notes presided over all the acts of the independence movement and have come down to us today as the expression of the patriotic character of the Cuban people.

The lyrics

Al combate corred, bayameses,             (Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo)
Que la Patria os contempla orgullosa    (
For your fatherland looks at you proudly)
No temáis una muerte gloriosa              (Do not
fear a glorious death)
Que morir por la Patria es vivir.             (Since to die for your homeland
is to live)

En cadenas vivir es vivir                      (To live in chains is to live)
En afrenta y oprobio sumido,              (
In dishonor and ignominy)
Del clarín, escuchad el sonido,           (
Hear the bugle’s call)
A las armas valientes corred.              (Hasten, brave ones, to battle!)


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