José Martí today and for ever

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Few days are left to commemorate the 168th anniversary of the birth of our Apostle José Martí, poet, writer, essayist, journalist, translator, professor, editor, politician, and revolutionary, above all. He was born in Havana on January 28, 1853.

It is not redundant to talk about Martí, especially in times when his political thought is so relevant and useful that our actions in defense of the Cuban Revolution constitute continuity, and victory always awaits us in every battle against the enemy, which our national hero warned us about so many times, as he did in his unfinished letter to Manuel Mercado, when he said:

“I am already in danger every day of giving my life for my country, and for my duty … to prevent, in time with Cuba’s independence, the expansion of the United States to the Antilles and its fall, with that extra force, on our lands in America. What I have done up to now, and will do, is for that purpose.”

Martí’s vision

Martí anticipated with certainty the clear intentions of imperialism in Latin America and the role of Cuba in the future of our nations. He knew that the island’s independence was key to the development of a far-reaching political awareness that would serve as a beacon, and an example to follow.

Cuba was doomed to be the springboard to the South, whether it would be left in the hands of the US government, or destined to be a barrier to contain them, or a thorn in the side of imperialism, whether it would conquer its independence and total sovereignty as it did on January 1, 1959.

Hence, to this day, the policy of the great empire, without forgiving 61 years of socialist revolution under its nose, continues to cling to the useless idea of changing our course to the neo-liberal model, and dismantling the example of Cuba, which has already shown that a perspective other than capitalism is possible and feasible.

During his last days at the White House, Donald Trump did not cease to launch deathly wounded tiger claws at the nations that do not shared his insane philosophy, and that did not recognize him as the “lord almighty”, at whose feet one must kneel, in his opinion.

Perhaps Martí never imagined a madman in the White House, but he did see the essence that endures in the unsuccessful maneuvers and attempted tricks of U.S. governments to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, with its maximum expression in the economic blockade officially established in 1962, which reached its highest levels of cruelty under Trump’s administration.

Marti’s ideology and Fidel’s legacy will be our guides to continue defending the conquests achieved, and honoring the memory of Che when he said
“Until victory ever!”



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