Granma yacht: a disembarkation and an epic

The Granma yacht is not just a name, it is not just a vessel. The Granma yacht encloses an epic of eternal significance for the history of a people that saw the return of freedom light on December 2, 1956, when Fidel Castro and 81 other patriots disembarked at Las Coloradas Beach, on the southern coast of Oriente.

Setting sail for the Granma yacht was the temptation moved by the redemptive spirit of the Centennial Generation, which was constantly threatened by the ruthless dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, had to leave for the sister nation of Mexico to sow the seed of the freedom dream for the beloved homeland.

It was already November 25, 1:30 in the morning, the 82 expedition members, with clothes and supplies, boarded the boat that was only designed to transport 20 people. Heavy rain and strong winds. Without fear of anything, the men set off on the odyssey of a risky voyage.

Against all odds, the Granma yacht sailed and reached Cuban shores two days late due to the vagaries of nature. It brought the 82 expeditionaries, but not before witnessing Fidel Castro’s humanism and solidarity, when he stopped the march until he found the pilot Roberto Roque, who had fallen into the sea.

Unable to disembark at the planned place, those brave men had to face the first enemies during the two hours it would take to reach land. Mosquitoes, gnats and crabs, the cut grass, a dense mangrove thicket where legs and bodies got tangled and hurt… and their boots, uniforms and skin were broken.

The Granma yacht carries forever the great meaning of the freedom achieved, of the embryo of the glorious Revolutionary Armed Forces, from the creation that December 2nd of the Rebel Army, which definitively triumphed over evil and brought the eternal victory of January 1st, 1959.


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