Batista tyranny killed Frank País

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Frank País García for his revolutionary activity against Fulgencio Batista’s Regime, was persecuted and assassinated on July 30, 1957 in Santiago de Cuba.

With gifts of good companion, with exceptional attitudes, with his example of faithful fighter against injustices, of unyielding revolutionary, Frank’s personality was coined, passionate religious and tireless rebel against his oppressed people.

By the denunciation of one of his former study colleagues, the henchmen of tyranny identify him, after he was arrested and disarmed, they bullet him and his fighting companion Raúl Pujols to death.

Fidel Castro when knowing about the death Frank said:

“What barbarians! They caught him in the street cowardly, using all the advantages they enjoy to pursue a clandestine fighter. What monsters! They don’t know the intelligence, the character, the integrity they have killed. […]”

The city of Santiago de Cuba expressed its rejection to the two murders and its support to the struggle that sooner or later would have to put an end to the injustices and outrages suffered by the Cuban people.

More than twenty blocks of compact population of all social strata, religious creeds, revolutionary and political militancy, sexes, color and ages. Cuban and July 26 flags, flowers that fell from all balconies, Down Batista, Long live the Revolution, Freedom or Death, the National Anthem in the throat of an entire people who shouted: Revolution!, Revolution!, Revolution! It was the claim of the people of Santiago that that July 31st took the streets of the heroic Santiago de Cuba!

The shops, the factories, the companies, all the work centers of Santiago de Cuba closed that July 31st in a spontaneous strike in protest against the vile murder of those beloved young men. The strike spread to other towns and cities in the eastern province and like a wave it spread to the other provinces until it reached the gates of the capital of the Republic. For almost a week the Cuban people maintained the strike spontaneously despite the repression unleashed by the Armed Forces of the dictatorship… It was something truly extraordinary!

Jorge Luis Lora Moran

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