Fidel forever in the heart of his people

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Every August in Cuba grows to catch men in instants of life; to mark the flame that lights the universe with its ideals and conquests. Every August in Cuba multiplies in honor of Commander Fidel Castro, when the 13th day approaches, because his homeland feels proud of the most worthy son of Martí, who made his work come true.

August is the calendar of the birth of a unique Hero in Cuba and the world, who in every battle demonstrated the value of his doctrines; a warrior who nested in the breast of every woman, old man or child the kindness difficult to forget.

It is Fidel who resurfaces for his greatness, being the Quixote who raised his voice for the welfare of all human beings and the struggle for world peace. With devotion your Cuba loves you, just as you loved on July 26th in the former Moncada Barracks, just as you disembarked on the “Granma” to make yourself more immense in the Sierra Maestra.

The proximity of your 95th birthday this August 13, rides in this miraculous hour, when all of us in love with your creation walk thankful for your legacy, for our genuine Cuban identity, for our authentic Revolution.

We walk with you, prophet of the dawn, with your humanist thought as our bedside book. We can clearly feel your faith in Science and its creators, that which today helps us to rid ourselves of a deadly virus.

Thanks to you Fidel for the promised work, for the solidarity action that since your triumph you exercised for your people. Thank you for being true, for the usefulness of virtue, in the face of an empire that you taught us to know in order to never be trampled upon.


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