Fidel Castro’s Humanism still present

Better holes in the walls of the old Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank of Cuba (BANFAIC) than mortal wounds in the bodies of Batista’s soldiers or of members of the rebel troops commanded by Fidel Castro, who, with his characteristic humanism, surrendered his enemies without further bloodshed on December 30, 1958 at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Thus he achieved the surrender of the Soriano Palma Plaza on December 27, and much easier the seizure of Santiago de Cuba on December 31. On the other hand, the forces of the tyrant who were not involved in murder or torture were accepted into the Rebel Army.

That humanism of Fidel Castro, undisputed eternal commander of the Cuban Revolution, accompanied him throughout his revolutionary trajectory, and it accompanies us today as his main legacy, which cultivated dignity in the Cuban people, as well as the values of patriotism, loyalty, industriousness, infinite love for justice and internationalism.

With their teachings, the Cuban people have maintained their firm stance in the face of enemy adversities and aggression. Fidel taught us to preserve our independence and sovereignty, as well as the conquests of the Cuban Revolution, basically free education and health services.

Cuban professionals have rendered humanitarian services in 55 years; they have completed 600,000 internationalist missions in 164 nations, in which more than 400,000 health workers have participated, who in not a few cases have fulfilled this honorable task on more than one occasion.

That is what Fidel taught us, that not even in the war of liberation, did he want there to be more deaths, he always defended life. We will follow him forever. Thank you Fidel!


Radio Grito de Baire

Webmaster Jorge Luis Lora Moran Digital Edition Radio Grito de Baire, Contramaestre, Cuba.

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