Fidel Castro Towards the Victory in Maffo Battle

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Fidel Castro is about to have the enemy surrender in Maffo. Approximately 30 hours left until the end of 1958. In the warehouses of the Bank for Agricultural and Industrial Development of Cuba (BANFAIC) located in the town of Maffo about 890 kilometers from Havana, an armed group of Fulgencio Batista’s army resisted the siege of the Rebel Army and refused to surrender.

It was the last fortified stronghold of tyranny on the road to the city of Santiago de Cuba and at the same time, the last position towards the victory of the Rebel Army and the people of Cuba, against the tyrannical Batista government.

On December 30, 1958, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro spoke for the third time in 20 days of combat with Lieutenant Regueira Luaces and offered him arguments about the uselessness of the resistance and the reduction of resources to resist the siege inside the BANFAIC warehouses.

Fidel Castro and Regueira Luaces

In a heated moment of the discussion the following dialogue takes place between Fidel Castro and Regueira Luaces:

– Fidel: “…and after you run out of food, let’s suppose you have five months left (…) what are you going to do?
– Regueira: ” …Well, then I give up”

– Fidel: “… No, then you commit suicide and all the officers of the battalion, because if you, knowing that you are lost, that all the supports have been destroyed, that you have no chance of having a fight here, sacrificing the lives of revolutionary fighters and sacrificing the lives of soldiers, then you have to commit suicide…”.

Regueira Luaces retired to the interior of the BANFAIC knowing that immediately the rebel command would send to its proximity a gasoline tank truck, guarded by an armored tank, improved for these purposes in the workshops of America Sugar Mill.

The BANFAIC warehouses could suddenly become a burning hell. However, wisdom did more. At 5:30 in the afternoon of December 30, 1958, the surrender of the remains of the 10th battalion of the dictatorship’s army, commanded by Commander Leopoldo Hernández Ríos in the BANFAIC of Maffo, was declared.

The way to the liberation of Santiago de Cuba was clear.


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