Fidel Castro as seen by Salim Lamrani

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Today, August 13, the day on which the Cuban people and a good part of the world celebrate the 95th anniversary of the birth of our undefeated Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, whose legacy I prefer to remember the eternal leader of the Cuban Revolution through the assessment made by someone who is not Cuban, the French journalist and researcher Salim Lamrani.

And I quote:

“There are men who cross centuries and are inscribed in eternity, for they embody principles. …Fidel Castro, the other name of Dignity, took up arms to vindicate the right of his people and of all the damned of the earth to choose their own destiny, stoking the aversion of retrograde forces across the planet.”

The French journalist considered that Fidel vindicated the inalienable right of his people to self-determination, by breaking the hegemonic chains imposed by Washington.

Prominent Gallic journalist said:

“Despite extremely limited resources and a relentless state of siege imposed by the United States for more than half a century, Fidel Castro made Cuba a model for Third World nations, universalizing access to education, health, culture, sports and recreation. He thus proved before the eyes of the world that it was possible to establish an efficient social protection system for the entire population and to place the human being at the center of the project of society…”

Fidel Castro, the other name of Dignity, according to Lamrani, will remain in history as the hero of the disinherited, the one who defended the people’s right to an honorable life, the one who made Cuba’s sovereignty an inalienable reality, the one who expressed solidarity at all times with the oppressed. Hated by the powerful … for daring to propose a more equitable distribution of wealth.

Fidel remains as an illuminating guide of the paths towards the full dignity of men and women who love and need peace and a decent life. He taught us Cubans to fight, to resist, to build, and to preserve; and he taught oppressed humanity to fight and to overcome.

Jorge Luis Lora Moran

Webmaster Jorge Luis Lora

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