History brings together Antonio Maceo and Che Guevara

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As a result of one of those many coincidences in history, two paradigms of Cuban and universal freedom were born on June 14; the Cuban Antonio Maceo in 1845 and the Argentine Ernesto Guevara in 1928. Both converge as if brought by destiny to the struggle for Cuba’s independence at different moments but with the same decision to win or die in the attempt.

The indomitable Maceo, joined at an early age to the War that Carlos Manuel de Céspedes initiated on October 10, 1868. For his bravery, courage and skill acquired in the combat, he earned military ranks until reaching General of the Insurgent Army.

The Bronze Titan, as he was also called, carries out the Baraguá Protest on March 15, 1878, and informs Martínez Campo, representative for Spain, of his disagreement with the Zanjón Pact, for which he will continue the fight for Cuba’s independence.

Together with Máximo Gómez, Maceo, already in the heat of the War of 1895, organized by José Martí from exile, manages to realize the dream of the necessary invasion to the West. After having achieved that purpose but still in war, the Titan falls in combat in Cacahual, Havana.

Thus, the independence cause lost one of the most valuable warriors in the history of Cuba. But he left behind the imperishable example of struggle and sacrifice, and unselfishness.

On the other hand, another worthy paradigm of freedom appears in the arena: Ernesto Che Guevara, who joins Fidel Castro in Mexico, and comes to Granma, won the war against the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista, the rank of commander, as Maceo did, he was given the mission to take the war to the west parallel to Camilio Cienfuegos, and he also did it by showing the high human values of a guerrilla, full of heroism and disproportionate courage in his eagerness to put an end to the outrages suffered by Cuban society.

This time, unlike Maceo, the invasion resulted in a definitive victory. And his contribution was vital to overthrow the tyranny, and the people came to power for the first time in the history of the Cuban nation.

The Cuban people following Maceo and Che’s ideals

Today, Cubans defend the legacy of both paradigms of freedom, and their forces unite us to resist and continue before the onslaught of the great empire that tightens the economic siege against Cuba, when the president of the United States has activated the Helms-Burton Act Title and stops the unrestricted trips of American citizens and the cruises that intertwine the Island with other tourist poles in the Caribbean.

All of this with the objective of suffocating the Cuban people. We will continue with the spirit of Maceo and Che.


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