Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, first president of Cuba in arms

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, recognized by all Cubans as the “Father of the Homeland”, was invested as president of the Republic of Cuba in Arms on April 12, 1869.

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, who rose up on October 10, 1868 in his farm La Demajagua against the colonial power and gave way to the beginning of the war that would later be known as the 10 Year War, was one of the delegates, for the former province of Oriente, to the Constituent Assembly of Guáimaro, which was in session in the town of Guáimaro, in the region of Camagüey, since April 10, 1869.

Taking into account his work in the Assembly in the search for unity and his position against Spanish colonialism, which led him to be the first to launch himself into the insurrectionist camp, he was appointed President of the Republic in Arms.

He thus became the first President of the Republic of Cuba in Arms. His inauguration took place on April 12 and from that moment on he drew up strategies to take the war to the whole Island, with the objective of giving it a national character.


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