Young doctor from Contramaestre in Venezuela against Covid-19

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Fighting the Covid-19 is one of the most complex tasks undertaken by Cuban internationalist medical missions. One of the many protagonists of this risky struggle resides in the municipality of Contramaestre in the province of Santiago de Cuba. He is the young doctor Pedro Pablo Pacheco Aliaga, who feels committed to life in his homeland or abroad.

At 26 years of age and with only two years of work experience, the young doctor arrived in Venezuela. Shortly after arriving in that country, the news shocked everyone in the medical mission: Fidel Castro had passed away.

“It was one of the most difficult moments. The legacy of the Commander in Chief was one of the strengths to overcome the effects of the distance I was from my loved ones, and to face the political situation and the economic crisis in Venezuela.”

Facing the pandemic was the highlight of Pacheco Aliaga’s experience in Venezuela. This young doctor from Contramaestre, proudly recounts how his team transformed his medical center into an intensive care ward. The battle against Covid-19 began, and for eight months there was no rest, except for the days of isolation after work.

Pacheco Aliaga speaks of the bitter experience of seeing an elderly man die from the effects of Covid-19, aggravated by the comorbidity he presented; and at the same time he expresses his satisfaction at seeing most of the positives returned to normal life.

Back in Contramaestre

Four years of mission in Venezuela, the last eight months in the red zone, make this young doctor a privileged protagonist of the battle for life, which continues now in his homeland with the same commitment but more aware of the justice of Cuba’s cause.


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