US blockade cripples Cuban medical services

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Contramaestre, Oct. 30.- More and more new evidence is emerging that the US blockade against Cuba is inhumane and genocidal. This time the surgeons of orthopedics and traumatology of the Hospital Orlando Pantoja Tamayo in Contramaestre, complain about the difficulties they have for the adequate care and treatment of patients.

Juan Sierra Silveira, head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology states that Cuba, not being able to acquire surgical instruments and materials in the U.S. market, has to pay triple, and sometimes more, to buy them in other parts of the world.

“It is difficult to acquire screws, sheets, wires (…) and sometimes the country does not have the financial resources to buy these elements in Europe or Asia. Occasionally we have to innovate with what we have. And we complete it with good treatment and a lot of love (…)”.

In Cuba, the entire economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba is responsible for affecting the island’s health system in excess of two thousand 500 million dollars in almost 60 years.

Between 2017 and 2018, the Cuban importer and exporter of medical products MediCuba S.A. made requests to more than 30 U.S. companies for the acquisition of inputs, however, only two responded, Agilent and Cook Medical. Both pointed out that due to the blockade regulations they could not sell any medicine to Cuba.

Among the sensitive products required were the drug Temozolamide, which is the first line of chemotherapeutic procedure for malignant brain tumors, and the monoclonal antibody Evolucumab Repatha, the first biological drug used to treat high cholesterol in patients with high and very high cardiovascular risk.

However, thanks to the importance given by the Cuban State to public health, the country exhibits results in this area comparable to those of many developed nations. Free medical care for the entire population is an unwavering principle of the Government of the island.


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