Support for Cuban doctors to win Nobel Peace Prize increases

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New voices are joining the world’s call to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban brigades of the Henry Reeve International Contingent of doctors specializing in disaster and severe epidemics, which today serve in more than 20 countries to help stop the covid-19 pandemic.

The World Council of the José Martí Project for International Solidarity expressed its support through a declaration that refers, among other elements, to the different actions that the hardened contingent has carried out since its foundation to date, to save lives in circumstances of disasters.

The organization, which has the support of Unesco and the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture, is signed by Spanish politician Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Argentinean sociologist Atilio Borón, Mexican professor Mario Alberto Nájera Espinoza, French professor Paul Estrade, Argentinean Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Brazilian theologian Frei Betto, and international journalist and analyst Ignacio Ramonet, among others.

The text endorses that the work of the brigades has been recognized by several governments and international organizations. The World Health Organization (WHO), for example, awarded the Public Health Memorial Award to Dr. Lee Jong-wook in May 2017, in recognition of the 250 specialists who fought Ebola in Africa.

As a collective “courageous and supportive” the declaration describes the group of galenians that make up the contingent that “has honored Marti’s concept that ‘Homeland is Humanity'”, so the Council joins the petition raised by many international organizations and personalities, and calls to support “this movement that, rightly and justly, has been growing worldwide.

There are already 35 brigades of this embassy for life, founded by Fidel in 2005, which fight the covid-19 in various scenarios around the world. They do so when the big media, financed by the United States, insist on discrediting and launching their messages of hate against Cuba. However, for them there is no greater recognition than the gratitude of thousands of beings to those who have returned to life.

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