Solidarity without borders in Contramaestre

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Solidarity has no borders in Cuba, amidst the evil influence of COVID – 19.

On the morning of April 7, the quietness of the reception of Radio Grito de Baire de Contramaestre was filled with admiration. A humble young man showed up at this radio house with a plastic bag full of naso bucos. Altruism filled his face. Perhaps he was not aware of the value of what he had in his hands.

Leudís Barzaga Suárez was the bearer of 108 naso bucos, made by his mother Irisbel Suárez Arias, who wanted to put them in the hands of the Petty Officer’s radio station, to be given to any compatriot who needed them in the midst of the battle against the new coronavirus.

When we spoke with the young Leudis Barzaga, we received proof of an exclusive reasoning: solidarity has no borders, it can be touched with the hands, it is in any gesture, within reach of all of us.

Young Leudis Barzaga and his mother Irisbel Suárez, residents of Cruce de Los Mártires, at number 296 on the central road between Contramaestre and Baire.

A genuine story is woven there, about the true and beautiful values that any Cuban can carry in difficult times.

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