Russia distributes Sputnik V vaccine batches in all 85 regions

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Moscow, Sep 24 (Prensa Latina) Russia distributed today to its 85 regions test batches of Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic, as one million 128 thousand 836 positive cases accumulated here.

While in the last 24 hours 6,595 infected persons were detected, the Russian Ministry of Health announced that the new vaccine was already applied, for example, to medical personnel of Saratov region.

The number of infected people has been growing for seven days, after it fell to less than 4,400 daily in mid-August, said the general staff to combat Covid-19.

The ministry pointed out, on the other hand, that to avoid manipulations or falsifications, each bulb of Sputnik V carries a label with digital data that allows to track the whole route of that medicine, the capital television said.

The application of the vaccine in more than 60 thousand registered volunteers seeks to create an immunized population in Russia, where in the last day 6 thousand 130 patients of the mentioned disease left the hospitals, while the number of medical discharges reached 929 thousand 829.

The total number of deaths amounted to 19,948, after 149 deaths were reported in one day, including 22 in Saint Petersburg, 15 in this capital and 12 in Kemerovo region, while Rostov and Ulyanovosk account for eight.

Besides, this city registered 1,304 patients who overcame the disease for a volume of 241,756, while 1,50 cases in one day for an accumulated total of 280,408. Thus, the recovery rate rose here to 86.21 percent.

Also 169 patients left the hospitals in Moscow region, 166 in Kemerovo, 164 in Irkutsk, 158 in Ulyanovsk and 153 in Nizhegorod.

Covid-19 added 205 new cases in St. Petersburg, 189 in Rostov, 162 in Voronezh and 160 in Nizhegorod.

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