Orlando Pantoja Hospital includes therapeutic services

Contramaestre, Jan. 15.- The Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Orlando Pantoja of Contramaestre provides various services, including thermo-therapy that includes hydromassage, infrared heat, paraffin and ultraviolet, as well as electrotherapy with magnet, laser and analgesic current treatments.

Specialized care includes podiatry and it also reaches the adult and children’s gymnasiums. In the latter, infants from zero to six years of age are treated for such different pathologies as scoliosis, podalic and angular knee deformities, as well as neurological and respiratory disorders.

In this area the treatments range from 10 to 15 days depending on the pathology of the patients. More than ninety percent of these patients leave the service fully rehabilitated.

Since the Orlando Pantoja Tamayo General Hospital was founded, the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation has been of great benefit to the residents of Contramaestre, in eastern Cuba. This service assimilates 200 outpatients and 250 patients daily from the hospital wards.

Twenty-one professionals work in this department, which is an annex to the care center founded by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in 1988; 14 of them are graduates in physical therapy and rehabilitation, two are podiatrists and the same number are occupational therapists, one is a speech therapist and two are medical specialists who work with rehabilitation treatment protocols for the most frequent pathologies and with work objectives that are measured by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health.

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