Labiofam produces hand disinfectant

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Las Tunas: To cooperate with the health of the people is one of the objectives pursued by the company Labiofam of this territory, producing, for the first time, a hand disinfectant lotion based on alcohol, very useful in the moments which the country is going through.

According to Lisbet Almaguer Batista, director of the company’s production and marketing unit, production began in March at the biopreparation plant, with an initial volume of 3,000 bottles. This figure has already doubled in April and is expected to close the month with around 12,000 bottles.

“It is being taken to all the points of sale in the provincial capital, except those that have been closed due to the present situation, and on three occasions it has also been taken to the rest of the towns, when we have had availability of transport,” said Almaguer Batista.

The product also has propoline that is a disinfectant and bactericide. Because of the acceptance it has had in the Tunisian population, it is expected to be maintained even after the disease has passed. However, the directive assured that there is support from raw materials to sustain production levels.

The director of the entity said that the product will be slod for ten pesos, in a 500 milliliter format, since that is the containers they have now, but as long as they have others, they will make the cost sheets and sell other formats.

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