Hemodialysis in Contramaestre faces new challenges in 2021

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For the workers of the Hemodialysis Department of the General Teaching Hospital Orlando Pantoja Tamayo in Contramaestre, in eastern Cuba, 2021 is a year in which they will multiply their efforts to meet new challenges.

Dr. Maira Álvarez Peña, First Degree Specialist in Nephrology, heads the service. She explained that for this guild, increasing the quality of medical assistance to patients with chronic renal insufficiency who require hemodialysis to live is the main objective.

Dr. Alvarez explained that in spite of the tense situation caused by Covid-19, The Hemodialysis service has not closed its doors and intends, as last year, to continue with the preventive measures to avoid having patients infected with SARS-Cov-2.

Hemodialysis staff to meet expectations

To increase the satisfaction of patients and their families by giving a timely response to their concerns, in addition to working to enhance the values that made them worthy, 15 years ago of the status of Moral Staff, are added to the commitments of the group of hemodialysis.

The group’s 40 workers also plan to stay at the forefront of teaching and scientific activities by presenting their researches at scientific conferences, and to raise the political-ideological work by acting with a sense of belonging against acts of corruption, always defending the conquests of the Cuban revolution.

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