Former minister highlights global importance of Cuban announcement in Peru

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Lima, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) The upcoming start of clinical trials of Cuba’s candidate for the Covid-19 vaccine is of great importance for the peoples of the world, declared today the former Peruvian Minister of Health, Alvaro Vidal.

The also former dean of the Peruvian Medical Association stressed the symbolism of the name of the vaccine, Soberana 01 (“Sovereign 01”), as an expression of Cuba’s principled defense of its independence, which is complemented by exemplary international solidarity, despite the criminal and genocidal U.S. blockade.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the former minister added that Soberana 01 meets each and every one of the scientific, technical, ethical and social requirements demanded by national and international public health regulations.

He added that the United Nations (UN) and the States must provide the necessary funds for the production and distribution of the projected vaccine, so that it is within the reach of all humanity.

Vidal said he knows the facilities of the Finlay Institute in Havana, which is developing the Soberana 01 vaccine, and pointed out that it has nothing to envy to similar centers in the so-called first world, in terms of human, scientific and technological resources, as well as facilities and equipment.

He said that Cuba, following the example of the historical leader of its revolution, Fidel Castro, shows the world that health, education, food, housing and culture are human rights and not business as neoliberalism claims.

As a Peruvian and Latin American citizen, my warmest congratulations to the heroic Cuban people and its government’ for the new scientific achievement achieved, Vidal added.

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