Cuban doctors against Covid-19 and the US smear campaign

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The doctors, nurses and paramedics leave the house, board the plane and say: “See you soon, my beautiful Cuba”; or another farewell phrase. They are going to fight with their weapons, their knowledge, their ethics and their love for their profession, the Covid-19 pandemic that kills thousands daily all over the world.

They are the members of the Henry Reeve Brigade who have already fought the pandemic in more than 38 countries. Many have returned to the Homeland with their duty fulfilled and having left behind the satisfaction of preventing the death of many people who would have perished if it weren’t for them.

Today Cuban doctors are receiving increasing support for the proposal to award them the Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution to humanity to stop as much as possible the deaths caused by Covid-19.

However, the U.S. government is bent on disguising Cuban doctors and their role in the world by saving lives, while the Trump administration virtually ignores the deaths caused by this flaw.


Radio Grito de Baire

Webmaster Jorge Luis Lora Moran Digital Edition Radio Grito de Baire, Contramaestre, Cuba.

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