Cuba reports 52 new cases positive for Covid-19, totaling 1189

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Dr. Francisco Durán García, National Director for Epidemiology at the Cuban Health Ministry gave an update information on the behavior of the Covid-19 in Cuba. There are 1189 confirmed cases, when added the new 52 sick people.

Durán García underscored the need for everyone to stay home and follow the new regulations and measures to stop Covid-19 from spreading all over the Island. The “vaccine” recommended is to STAY HOME!

At the close of April 21, 3,425 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance. Another 5,497 people are being monitored in their homes by the Primary Health Care.

The country has collected 32,276 samples and 1,189 positives (3.7%). Therefore, at yesterday’s close, 52 new cases were confirmed, for a total of 1,189 in the country.

The 52 new confirmed cases were Cuban. Of these, 43 were contacts of confirmed cases and 9 did not specify the source of infection.

Of the 52 diagnosed cases, 31 (59.6%) were male and 21 (40.4%) were female. Of the total number of diagnosed cases, the age groups most affected were: under 40 years of age with 26 cases (50%), followed by the 40-60 age group with 20 cases (38.4%). 63.4% (33) of the positive cases were asymptomatic.



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