Cuba reports 167 new Covid-19 cases

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The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported this Tuesday 167 new cases of Covid-19, for an accumulated of 11 thousand 601 diagnoses since the beginning of the disease in the Caribbean nation last March 11.

As of yesterday’s closing, December 28th, 3 thousand 207 patients have been admitted for clinical epidemiological surveillance, 634 suspected, 1 thousand under surveillance and 1 thousand 573 confirmed.

For Covid-19, 14 thousand 767 samples were studied, resulting in 167 positive samples. The country accumulates one million 448 thousand 906 samples made and 11 thousand 601 positive ones.

Covid-19 contacts

From the total of cases (167): 78 were contacts of confirmed cases; 87 with source of infection abroad, 2 without a precise source of infection.

Out of the 167 diagnosed cases, 76 were female and 91 were male.

Of the 167 positive cases, 73.7% (123) were asymptomatic, making a total of 7,638 cases, representing 65.8% of those confirmed to date.

The 167 diagnosed cases belong to the following age groups: under 20 years old 13 for 7.8%; 20-39 years old 76 for 45.5%; 40-59 years old 51 for 30.5%, 60 and over 27 for 16.2%.

Of the 11,601 patients diagnosed with the disease, 1,573 remain hospitalized, of whom 1,559 have a stable clinical course. There are reported 143 deaths (none of them during the day), two evacuated, eight returned to their countries, 78 discharged during the day, 9 thousand 875 patients recovered (85.1%). Twenty-four confirmed patients are attended in intensive care, 10 of them critical and 14 serious.

(With information from MINSAP)


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