Contramaestre reports 6 new Covid-19 cases and the whole Cuba, 736

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Contramaestre reports 6 new cases of Covid-19, while Cuba reports 736 confirmed cases in total in the last 24 hours, according to the national director of Epidemiology of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Francisco Durán, who regretted the death of four patients.

The specialist reported that 18,177 samples were studied on Wednesday for a total of 2,843,469 since the pandemic began on the island.

During his usual press conference, Dr. Duran informed that at the end of yesterday there were 20,302 patients admitted, of whom 3,739 were suspected, 13,215 were under epidemiological surveillance and 3,348 were confirmed.

Covid-19 source

The epidemiologist announced that, out of 736 patients, 330 were asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis, 707 have a source of infection in previously confirmed cases, 5 have a source of infection abroad and the source of infection is unknown in 24 people. There were 731 autochthonous patients.

In terms of age groups, 103 patients were diagnosed under 19 years of age and 625 pediatric patients are hospitalized and active. In the 19 to 39 years age group, 225 cases were confirmed, between 40 and 59 years some 250 cases and 158 people over 60 years of age.

Of the 68,986 patients diagnosed with the disease since its onset, 3,348 remain confirmed hospitalized, 3,281 of them with stable clinical evolution. A total of 405 deaths have been reported (4 in the last day) for a case fatality rate of 0.59. Two evacuees, 54 returnees and 65,177 patients have been recovered (745 discharged during the day).

Distribution in the province of Santiago de Cuba: 51 cases.

Contramaestre: 6 (contacts of confirmed cases)
Guamá: 1 (no source of infection specified)
Palma Soriano: 11 (9 contacts of confirmed cases and 2 with no source of infection specified)
San Luis: 3 (2 confirmed case contacts and 1 with no source of infection specified)
Santiago de Cuba: 28 (confirmed case contacts)
Songo La Maya: 2 (contacts of confirmed cases)

As of March 23, 190 countries and 29 territories have reported cases of COVID-19, with 124 million 613 thousand 234 confirmed cases (+ 496 thousand 293), 21 million 343 thousand 480 active cases and 2 million 740 thousand 562 deaths (+ 8 thousand 902) for a case fatality rate of 2.20 (=).

In the Americas region, 55 million 255 thousand 854 confirmed cases (+ 158 thousand 583) were reported, 44.34% of the total number of cases reported in the world, with 9 million 322 thousand 266 active cases and 1 million 325 thousand 148 deaths (+ 3 thousand 244) for a case fatality of 2.40 (+ 0.01).


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