Cuban scientist praises progress of clinical trial in eastern Cuba

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A team of over 500 researchers are holding today in eastern Cuba the clinical trial of the Abdala vaccine candidate, informed Dr. Francisco Hernandez from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB).
The expert, in charge of the clinical trial, praised its favorable progress in this city and those of Bayamo and Guantanamo, where the 3rd phase and the intervention study with thousands of volunteers are taking place, according to an interview published by the Sierra Maestra weekly.

The vaccine follow-up

Over five months ago, specialists from the CIGB, creator of that antigen preparation, have been working in conjunction with those from these three eastern districts to follow up on the clinical and inoculation steps of the vaccine candidate against Covid-19, he added.

Hernandez expressed his satisfaction for working along with the staff of the Saturnino Lora Provincial Hospital, axis of the experiment initiated in the first days of December 2020 and bearer of remarkable results in the clinical development of drugs in collaboration with that scientific entity.

The doctor also highlighted the confluence of experienced and novices in this professional and human exchange, which has been supported by the political and governmental authorities of this province and has been well received by its population.

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