Cuba 9 323 cases of Covid-19 during the last 24 hours

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The national director of Epidemiology of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Francisco Durán, reported on Wednesday 68 deaths and 9,323 positive samples for Covid-19 during the last 24 hours, for a total of 358,378 diagnoses since the beginning of the disease in the country.

During his usual press conference, the specialist informed that at the end of yesterday, 84,684 patients had been admitted, of which 37,459 were suspected, 3,632 were under epidemiological surveillance and 43,593 were confirmed as active.

Durán explained that the country had analyzed 51,209 samples the day before for a total of 6,360,992 samples analyzed.

Covid-19 source

The epidemiologist announced that, of the 9,323 patients, 372 were asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis, 9,259 have a source of infection in previously confirmed cases, 19 have a source of infection abroad and the source of infection is unknown in 45 persons. Autochthonous 9,304.

Of the total number of confirmed cases, 4,292 are male and 5,311 are female. In terms of age groups, 1,707 people under 19 years of age were diagnosed, and 1,431 in pediatric ages (105 children under one year of age). In the 20 to 39 age group, 3,668 cases were confirmed, 3,116 cases in the 40 to 59 age group and 1,832 cases in the over 60 age group.

Of the 349,559 patients diagnosed with the disease since its onset, 43,593 have been confirmed, of which 43,243 have a stable clinical evolution. A total of 2,560 deaths have been reported (68 on the last day) for a case fatality rate of 0.71. Two evacuees and 54 returnees remain evacuated and 312,169 patients have been recovered (8,16 thousand 16 discharged during the day). There are 149 patients in critical condition and 201 patients in serious condition.

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