Cuba reports 8,289 new Covid-19 cases

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Cuba reports 8,289 new cases of Covid-19 at the end of yesterday, September 20, after the study of 51,261 samples. Thus, the country accumulates 9,112,128 samples taken and 818,200 positive, according to information from the Ministry of Public Health.

The report shows that 91,216 patients have been admitted, 46,881 are suspected, 3,351 are under surveillance and 40,984 are confirmed active.

Of the total number of cases (8289): 8261 were contacts of confirmed cases; 10 with source of infection abroad; 18 with no source of infection specified. Of the 8289 diagnosed cases, 4410 were female and 3879 male.

Of the 8289 positive cases, 0.1% (5) were asymptomatic, making a total of 124,649 cases, representing 15.2% of those confirmed to date.

The 8289 diagnosed cases belong to the following age groups: under 20 years (1836), 20 to 39 years (1984), 40 to 59 years (2569) and over 60 (1900).

Distribution in the province of Santiago de Cuba: 261 Covid-19 cases

Contramaestre: 18 (contacts of confirmed cases).
Guamá: 15 (confirmed case contacts).
II Front: 40 (confirmed case contacts).
III Front: 76 (75 contacts of confirmed cases and 1 without source of infection).
Mella: 5 (contacts of confirmed cases).
Palma Soriano: 43 (35 confirmed case contacts and 8 without source of infection).
San Luis: 6 (confirmed case contacts).
Santiago de Cuba: 49 (46 confirmed case contacts and 3 without source of infection).
Songo La Maya: 9 (confirmed case contacts).

Deaths caused by Covid-19
Santiago de Cuba province: 7 deaths

Santiago de Cuba municiplity: 4
Palma Soriano municiplity: 2
III Frente municiplity: 1

Of the 818,200 patients diagnosed with the disease, 40,984 remain hospitalized, of whom 40,554 are clinically stable. There are 6,919 deaths (63 on the day), a case fatality rate of 0.85% vs. 2.05% in the world and 2.46% in the Americas; 2 evacuated, 55 returned to their countries, 7,561 discharged on the day, 770,240 patients have recovered (94.1%). There are 430 confirmed patients in intensive care, 129 of whom are critical and 301 serious.

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