Cuba reports 567 new Covid-19 cases

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The national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), Francisco García Durán, reported on Saturday 567 new Covid-19 cases in Cuba, after the study of 14 371 samples in the 18 molecular biology laboratories.

As a result, the country accumulates one million 752 651 samples processed, of which 20 627 have tested positive (1.17 %) since the beginning of the epidemic in Cuba. Twenty-four hundred and forty-five (43.2%) of the confirmed cases were asymptomatic.

The doctor explained on TV that at the close of this Friday, 9068 patients had been admitted, including 3 244 suspected cases, 1 304 under surveillance and 4 520 confirmed active cases.

The specialist expressed his regret for the death of three people. They are a 78-year-old patient from Playa municipality, Havana province with a group of comorbidities, a 90-year-old patient from La Habana Vieja municipality, Havana province and a 62-year-old patient from El Cotorro, Havana.

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Of the new confirmed cases, 509 are contacts of previous confirmed cases (89.7%), 35 with source of infection abroad and in 24 the source of infection is specified.

Of the diagnosed cases, 245 (43.2%) were asymptomatic, while 532 were autochthonous and 35 imported.

Havana presented the highest figure for the day with 276 cases, while Santiago de Cuba had 69 cases. Matanzas and Guantánamo reported 59 confirmed cases in each province.

With the three deaths yesterday, 191 people have died (0.93%) since the beginning of the pandemic last March in the nation, 2 evacuated and 33 people returned to their countries.

Yesterday there were 570 medical discharges for a total of 15,881 patients recovered.

Durán informed that 46 patients are in intensive care units, 13 of them in critical condition and 33 in serious condition.


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