Cuba reports 550 new cases of Covid-19

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The National Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, Dr. Francisco Durán, reported this Wednesday 3 deaths and 550 positive samples to Covid-19 during the last 24 hours for an accumulated of 16 thousand 044 diagnoses since the beginning of the disease.

At the end of yesterday, January 12, 6,726 patients were admitted for clinical epidemiological surveillance, 2,339 suspected, 1,009 under surveillance and 3,378 confirmed.

For Covid-19, 14 thousand 261 samples were studied, resulting in 550 positive samples. The country accumulates 1,634,430 samples made and 16,044 positive ones.

Covid-19 source

Of the total number of cases (550): 468 were contacts of confirmed cases; 26 with source of infection abroad; on day 56 without a precise source of infection. Of the 550 diagnosed cases, 293 were female and 257 male.

Of the 550 positive cases, 55.2% (304) were asymptomatic, making a total of 10,227 cases, representing 63.6% of those confirmed to date.

Of the total number of cases to date, 212 are linked to international travelers, accumulating 6,070 which represents 72.1% of the total number of cases reported since November 15.

The 550 diagnosed cases belong to the following age groups: under 20 years old 74; from 20 to 39 years old 245; from 40 to 59 years old 141, from 60 and over 90.


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