Cuba reported 1162 new cases of Covid-19 and 12 deaths

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Cuba confirmed at the end of Thursday 1162 new cases of Covid-19 and 12 deaths, informed Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) at a press conference.

He informed that 22,082 patients have been admitted, of which 3,327 are suspected, 13,124 are under surveillance and 5,631 are confirmed.

Yesterday, 23,282 samples were processed in the country’s molecular biology laboratories, and as a result, 102 more Covid-19 cases were confirmed than the previous day, for a positivity of 5%.

A total of 3,787,896 samples were taken for the diagnosis of SARS-Cov-2 and 113,876 people were diagnosed with the disease (3%).

Regarding the 12 deceased, the specialist mentioned that seven are from Havana province: a 65-year-old patient from Centro Habana municipality; a 74-year-old patient from Boyeros municipality; a 90-year-old patient from Marianao municipality; a 71-year-old patient from La Lisa municipality; a 70-year-old patient from Arroyo Naranjo municipality; a 66-year-old patient from Cerro municipality; and a 62-year-old patient from Centro Habana municipality.

In the province of Mayabeque, two people died: a 68-year-old patient from the municipality of Güines and a 44-year-old patient from the municipality of Nueva Paz who had no comorbidities.

In the province of Matanzas, two people died: a 44-year-old patient from the municipality of Matanzas and a 36-year-old patient from the municipality of Jagüey Grande. In the province of Camagüey, a 61-year-old patient from the municipality of Esmeralda died.

The expert expressed his condolences to family and friends and reiterated the need for people to understand that regardless of age or comorbidities, we must all protect ourselves because the virus does not discriminate. Of the 12 deaths, for example, one was totally asymptomatic.

Of the 1,162 new cases, 1,108 are autochthonous and 54 are imported.

Distribution in the province of Santiago de Cuba: 91 Covid-19 cases.

Contramaestre: 3 (2 contacts of confirmed cases and 1 imported).
Palma Soriano: 10 (6 confirmed case contacts and 4 without source of infection).
Santiago de Cuba: 69 (66 confirmed case contacts and 3 without source of infection).
Segundo Frente: 1 (confirmed case contact).
Songo La Maya: 6 (4 confirmed case contacts and 2 without source of infection).
Third Front: 2 (contacts of confirmed cases).

Of the 113,876 patients diagnosed with the disease, 5,631 remain hospitalized, 5,516 of them with stable clinical evolution. There were 713 deaths (12 during the day), for a case fatality rate of 0.62%; two evacuated, 54 returned to their countries, there were 1067 discharges during the day, and 107,476 patients have recovered (94.3%). A total of 115 confirmed patients are being treated in intensive care, including 50 critical and 65 severe patients.

As of May 6, 190 countries and 30 territories have reported cases of Covid-19, with 56 million 482,833 confirmed cases (+ 861,955), 18 million 559,436 active cases and 3 million 264,300 deaths (+ 14,651) for a case fatality rate of 2.09 (=).

In the Americas region, 64 million 53 thousand 61 confirmed cases (+ 207 thousand 497) were reported, 40.93% of the total number of cases reported in the world, with 8 million 930 thousand 607 active cases and 1 million 558 thousand 298 deaths (+ 5 thousand 858) for a case fatality rate of 2.43 (=).


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