Cuba reports 1,116 new cases of Covid-19 and 9 deaths

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Cuba confirmed that at the end of Sunday, 1 116 new cases of Covid-19 and 9 deaths had been reported, according to Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), at a press conference.

During the day, 24 111 samples were analyzed for a total of 3 861 456 samples taken for the diagnosis of SARS-Cov-2 and 117 097 (3.03%) people confirmed with the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dr. Durán reported that 23 864 patients are hospitalized, 3 267 are suspected, 14 609 are under surveillance and 5 988 are confirmed active.
Of the total number of cases (1 116), 1 050 were autochthonous cases, 1016 (91.04%) were contacts of confirmed cases, totaling 110 773 (94.6%) and 66 (5.9%) with source of infection abroad, accumulating to 6 060 confirmed cases.

In the case of 34 persons, the source of infection is being investigated. There were 521 females and 595 males.

Of the 1,069 positive cases, 63.9% (713) were asymptomatic, with a total of 58,145 cases, representing 49.6% of those confirmed to date.

Covid-19 and age

There were 174 cases under 20 years of age, of which 159 were pediatric. Ninety-three cases were confirmed in Havana. There are currently 829 active cases nationwide. Nine positive cases were confirmed in children under one year of age, 7 in Havana, one in Mayabeque and one in Sancti Spiritus, averaging 10.1 contacts.

One two-month-old infant and one 12-year-old adolescent were reported as seriously stable. From 20 to 39 years old (388), from 40 to 59 years old (368) and over 60 (186).

Of the 117 097 patients diagnosed with the disease, 5 988 remain hospitalized, of whom 5 858 have a stable clinical course. A total of 130 confirmed patients are being treated in intensive care, including 49 critically ill and 81 seriously ill.

There were 741 deaths (9 during the day), for a case fatality rate of 0.63% vs. 2.08% in the world and 2.43% in the Americas; 2 evacuated, 54 returned to their countries, 949 discharged during the day, and 110 312 patients recovered (94.2%).


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