COVID-2019, alerts to false prevention measures

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In the midst of the alarm raised worldwide by the proliferation of the coronavirus Covid-2019, an avalanche of supposed measures to prevent the disease has proliferated irresponsibly on social networks and is spreading through not a few media outlets, sometimes even with the endorsement of a “connoisseur”.

These so-called hoaxes (false news) spread ideas without any scientific basis or in some cases insufficiently verified criteria or issued a priori by some doctors, in an effort to contribute to the control of a disease for which totally effective forms of treatment and cure have not yet been defined.

Cubans are not oblivious to this influence, despite the repeated and enlightening messages that the country’s health authorities have been offering in this regard.

María Esther, a housewife living in the municipality of Playa, says, based on information she read on Facebook, that researchers find in marijuana the possible cure for the coronavirus. According to this well-minded Cuban, the authors of the study headquartered in Britain are based, among other reasons, on the fact that the Covid-19 “emerged precisely in China because in that country marijuana is hardly consumed and the virus is at large in the bodies of Asians.

I have also heard many references to the fact that children’s urine protects them from infection by spreading it on the surface of furniture or objects of daily use, when the World Health Organization (WHO) makes it clear that practices like this can open the door to infection or its transmission.

Similarly, the world health body points out that the deadly disease that emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan is not spread by mosquito bites; the transmitting virus is not eliminated by the heat of hand dryers or through the consumption of garlic, and, of course, its experts categorically state that marijuana does not have any protective effect against the also called Wuhan Pneumonia.

It is also important to know, from the latest information provided by the WHO, that even though it was thought that heat could significantly change the transmission of the coronavirus – a possibility considered in principle by the Chinese scientists themselves – today it is confirmed that the disease can continue to spread in the midst of high temperatures, in dry climates, in regions with high humidity, tropical areas or deserts. Summer is therefore not an obstacle to the virus.

Following these guidelines, which are based on the most comprehensive scientific view, a global vision on the particularities of the coronavirus and the experience gained from previous cases of massive infections, should be a rule to proceed with prevention and the most effective way to face the disease.

(Taken from ACN)

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