Covid-19 vaccine to reach young people by 2022, says WHO

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Geneva, Oct 15 (Prensa Latina) The head of scientists of the World Health Organization (WHO), Soumya Swaminathan, said today that a ‘young and healthy person’ should wait until 2022 to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

People think that on January 1st there will be a vaccine and that things will go back to normal, but it won’t. No one has ever produced vaccines in the volumes needed, so in 2021 we hope to have them, but in a limited quantity,” he said.

She also noted that there is a consensus that the first to be immunized against the new coronavirus will be health care workers, first in the line of fighting the pandemic, and then it will go to the elderly and the most vulnerable people.

She also pointed out that about ten possible anti-Covid-19 drugs are currently in phase III clinical trials in groups of approximately 30 thousand people in places where the coronavirus continues to circulate intensely.

However, she clarified that they will wait until they have all the results of the phase III to know ‘which and how many of those vaccines will be safe, effective and will protect for a long period’.

Soumya Swaminathan predicted that these study conclusions could be ready at the beginning of next year, but they must comply with the regulations for the approval of one or more drugs.

She warned that nothing should compromise the results obtained as these are vaccines to be used in billions of people, ‘so we need to be absolutely sure that this is the right decision’.

To date, WHO has stated that a total of 40 vaccine trials are in one of the three phases of clinical trials and 200 are in laboratory testing.

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