Contramaestre steps up against COVID-19

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Beatriz Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, governor of Santiago de Cuba province and vice president of the Provincial Defense Council, shared with authorities of the municipality of Contramaestre, a set of measures that are increased to those already adopted, to curb the advance of the new coronavirus in the aforementioned province of Oriente de Cuba.

In an exchange with the members of the Municipal Defense Council of Contramaestre, the also member of the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, transmitted the decision of the provincial instance, to reinforce the active investigation in the areas of the municipality where suspected cases of the new coronavirus have been discovered and have maintained contacts with others.

In this territory, it was indicated to increase the rigor of the authorities of the public order to send to their residences or to impose disciplinary measures to the inhabitants who wander without needs in the streets, those who do not keep the established distance between people in the queues of facilities of the commerce and those who do not use the nasobuco or disobey the orientation to disinfect themselves in the podalic baths.

Provincial authorities of Public Health, Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and of the Ministry of the Interior, accompanied the municipal directors in the passage to a more rigorous and accelerated level of measures to bring food sales closer to the neighborhoods of Contramaestre and to enforce the cessation of transportation by any means, dictated as of this Saturday, April 11.

It was also indicated to concentrate the activity of the Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health services, together with the factors that operate within the People’s Councils, towards those neighborhoods where the cases detected as positive to COVID-19 originate and to refer to the isolation centers any person with symptoms of acute respiratory diseases.

In Contramaestre, suspicious cases have already begun to enter the Ramón Ricardo Méndez Cabezón isolation centre of the People’s Council of America, with 90 capacities, and the conditions of the former Bungo 2 and Bungo 4 educational centres in the area of the same name are being prepared.

There is already an isolation centre at the La Golondrina Popular Campsite, for the rest of the medical personnel who work with patients in isolation during the first 15 days. At the closing of this information, the authorities of the Municipal Defense Council are evaluating the transition to the phase of stratified area of isolation for about four areas of the city, with a greater number of sick or suspected.


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