Contramaestre will start sanitary intervention with anti-covid vaccine candidate

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As part of the actions developed by our country in the confrontation and containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, also the municipality of Contramaestre will begin in the second fortnight of May, a sanitary intervention in groups and territories at risk with a Cuban vaccine candidate.

At this moment, intense work is being carried out in this territory of Santiago de Cuba to develop the process with efficiency and quality, in correspondence with the call recently made by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

Contramaestre will begin the sanitary intervention next Monday, May 17, and in order to check and advise on the preparations for the process, a Public Health ministerial team will verify on the ground the assurances for the fulfillment of this action. For this purpose, local government officials are carrying out visits and contacts with the working group that will face the vaccination process in this municipality of Santiago de Cuba.

In a recent work meeting, it was learned that the vaccination will take place in the family doctor and nurse’s offices, where work is being done to create the necessary conditions in the shortest possible time.

Government and Party in Contramaestre supervising

Likewise, it was confirmed that the Party and government authorities in the territory, as well as the other political and mass organizations, will be committed and willing to face the task, which will accompany at all times the development of the health intervention.

Contramaestre municipality has been chosen taking into account the current epidemiological complexity derived from the outbreak at the beginning of the year. Here, the necessary actions are being coordinated so that next Monday, the clinical sites will open their doors to the population that will receive the first dose of the vaccine candidate, which can be catalogued as another success of Cuban science in the face of the US blockade and the discrediting campaigns against the Cuban Revolution.


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