New measure in Contramaestre to reinforce fight against Covid-19

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Contramaestre, a municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba, continues to take extreme measures against the spread of the Covid-19, which is reappearing, gaining more space and increasing its damage to the population.

The authorities in the municipality and in the province continue to demand compliance with the already established measures such as the correct use of nasobuco; hand wash; messengers to prevent the elderly, the sick and those under quarantine from leaving home; distancing in queues and work centers; stopping public transport; taking some products from the foreign currency collection stores to the community commerce units to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Drawn points on the floor against Covid-19

Now, in addition to this, there is the drawing in places close to the service units of points with a separation of one and a half meters so that those standing in lines know where they will be located in order to keep the proper distance, as shown in the photo of the TRC Caribe Shop in Contramaestre.

The different instances of the Cuban government continue the efforts in the search for alternatives that contribute to stop the spread of Covid-19, in addition to making all possible efforts to ensure the best medical care to the confirmed cases and reduce to the maximum the lethality due to the coronavirus. Life of human beings is the highest priority of the Cuban Revolution, as stated by the Minister of Public Health in Sao Paulo Forum recently.



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