A doctor from Contramaestre and his experience against Covid-19

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After 14 days working in the red zone of the Ambrosio Grillo hospital in Santiago de Cuba province against Covid-19, Roberlandi Rodríguez Garcés is enjoying a break at home with his wife and little daughter.

Rodríguez Garcés is one of the many young doctors from the municipality of Contramaestre who in recent times has offered his service to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus.

A first-degree specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine and resident in the rural community of Anacahuita in the district of Pueblo Nuevo, he shares his experience about his work in this public health entity against Covid-19.

Determined to fight Covid-19

“I joined Ward D of the Ambrosio Grullo hospital, in the province of Santiago de Cuba. There, all the patients are confirmed positive cases, but all necessary measures to avoid Covid-19 infection are guaranteed. I still felt a little bit afraid; however, I did my job following all the protocol and doing my best to make the patients feel as good as possible…”.

The young doctor has a previous experience in Venezuela, where he acquired new knowledge on how to treat Covid-19, which today is useful for him to be better against this pandemic in his own land.

The patients that Dr. Rodriguez Garces treated expressed their gratitude to him when they were discharged, for being able to go back to their families and return to normal life.

Such are the health specialists in Cuba inside and outside the country; they are moved by medical ethics, their commitment to save lives, and to bring optimism and hope to each patient, family and community. This attitude will never be destroyed by the defamatory campaigns of Uncle Sam’s powerful media trying to prevent the Henry Reeve Brigade from being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. No one better in the whole world.


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