Contramaestre gives flag to the Covid-19 confrontation brigade

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The Act of Standardization of the Brigade of confrontation to the Covid-19 of Contramaestre, integrated by 140 workers of the Education sector, took place the day before and served as a tribute to the creation of the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC).

The meeting was presided over by Yimisleidis Rosales Fernandez, member of the Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) which attends to the political and ideological sphere in Contramaestre, Tomas Martinez Gonzalez, Municipal Secretary CTC, Tania Perez Saumell, Director of Education in the territory and Dr. Marlen Lopez Vega, representative of the Public Health sector.

The Ernesto Guevara de la Serna boarding school was the educational institution selected to carry out the brigade’s standardization. The event was carried out under the current sanitary and hygienic protocols established to avoid the spread and contagion of Covid-19.

The event recalled the legacy left by Martí and Fidel to our people in terms of solidarity and unity in difficult situations. For this reason and as the context deserves, workers of the educational sphere will be part of a group that will be responsible for supporting those actions that ensure the care and operation of the two isolation centers of Covid-19, which are located in Contramaestre.

Enmanuel Mustelier González on behalf of the members of the brigade read the oath where he expressed: ¨(…) the commitment to fulfill all the tasks assigned to us has characterized the education sector. It is unity that will make it possible that in a short period of time we can reduce the harmful effects of this Covid-19 pandemic (…)¨.

Meanwhile, Tomas Martinez Gonzalez, Secretary of the CTC in Contramaestre argued that ¨(…) there are many reasons that assist us to turn this day into a historical day because of the nobility of the work that they are going to face and without fear of being wrong we say that it is the greatest demonstration of support for our Revolution (…)¨.


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