Abdala: Study of vaccine intervention began in Contramaestre

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With the inoculation of the CIGB-66 Abdala immunogen to the first 50 individuals, the intervention study with this vaccine candidate began in Contramaestre. A total of 3,891 health workers will be immunized in three vaccination centers, two located in the city of Contramaestre and one in the town of Baire.

At the clinical site located in the rehabilitation room of the polyclinic América 1, the Principal Investigator of the municipal working group to carry out the task, Dr. Jorge Luis Fraga Novella, said that “…this is the first step towards the fulfillment of a dream for which many people have worked hard”.

Once the first volunteers listened to the briefing in the reception area where details of the scientific inquiry were given, they accessed the consultation of vital signs, of inclusion, the vaccination room and finally the observation and first aid room. They remained there for the time specified in the standard protocol and no adverse reaction to Abdala was observed.

Dr. Adelaine González Ginarte, director of the polyclinic América 1 in Contramaestre, explained with pride that “…having been chosen for this project fills us with satisfaction because, in addition to protecting health workers, it is another reason to trust our social system capable of achieving scientific results like this one”.

Abdala for healthcare workers first

Immunization in Contramaestre begins with healthcare workers, who are most at risk because they are on the front line of the pandemic. They will receive the three doses of Abdala in a short vaccination schedule (0-14-28).

The specialists who are members of the Research Group created for this purpose in this eastern Cuban municipality explained that this intervention study in Santiago de Cuba is being carried out together with phase three of the clinical trial of this pharmaceutical formulation. The process is followed by nursing personnel, statisticians, pharmacists, doctors, hygiene assistants and other highly experienced specialists.

Just a few moments after being vaccinated with Abdala, the young doctor Jorge Luis Lora Sardina, who is working at a roadside checkpoint, said he now feels “…safer, although we must not let our guard down in self-protection because individual responsibility is what counts in this particular struggle”. And he said visibly moved: “I feel great, as the Buena Fé song says, happier and more protected”.


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