Contramaestre totals 4 Covid-19 cases, record for a day

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Contramaestre, a municipality in eastern Cuba, woke up this Monday with the sad news that four new cases of Covid-19 were reported, information granted in a press appearance in Radio Grito de Baire by Dr. Abel Fernández Martorell, director of the Hygiene and Epidemiology Unit of this municipality.

The above implies reinforcing the measures oriented by the health authorities such as the obligatory use of the nasobuco in all activities, the presence of the podalic passage in the units of service to the population, study and work centers and above all to gain in perception of risk and discipline before the threat that represents the Covid-19.

Dr. Abel Fernández Martorell reports:

“Dr. Abel Fernández Martorell explains: “Today the municipality is going through a very complex stage, there are already seven open quarantines in the Blanquizal, Lumumba, Rodolfo Rodríguez and Xavier-Los Pasos, Remanganagua and Pueblo Nuevo districts.

At the close of the 10th of this month, Contramaestre reported the highest number of cases in 24 hours, 4 confirmed with Covid-19, informed the health official and exhorted the inhabitants of this territory to faithfully follow the measures oriented to avoid the propagation of the virus that kills or leaves irreversible consequences.


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