China ready to distribute its covid vaccines worldwide

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Beijing, Nov 4 (RHC) The three major pharmaceutical companies in China are today preparing conditions to possibly begin the distribution of their Covid-19 vaccines worldwide in December.

Sources close to Sinopharm, CanSino and Sinovac said they are all designing plans to global standards and are talking to the relevant authorities to ensure shipments with the required logistics.

They are also exploring alternatives to the shortage of glass bulbs and rubber caps for packaging medicines, applying to the state for export licenses and negotiating with the carriers the freight costs.

Sinopharm, CanSino and Sinovac together have four vaccines against Covid-19 in the final stage of clinical trials, none of them showed significant adverse effects and could be released to the market this month.

China has promised to prioritize access to these preparations to nations in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, once their safety and efficacy in humans are proven.

In addition, it has another seven drugs in different stages of study and has immunized more than 100,000 of its foreign service workers, military, aviation and health employees, after it approved the emerging use of the most advanced substances on July 22nd.

Since April, China has basically kept Covid-19 under control, only registering sporadic outbreaks and most of the sick reported daily are nationals coming from abroad.

Official statistics show at least 4,746 deaths and 92,45 confirmed cases.

Now the health authorities are still attentive to the situation in Kashi (Xinjiang) to stop the infectious outbreak that left more than 300 patients and forced to declare the epidemiological emergency, with measures of confinement and closure of public places.

They are also monitoring the resurgence of the pathology in Europe and other parts of the world, although they are confident that China will not experience a spread like in early 2020 thanks to its preventive mechanism.

(Taken from RHC)

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