Young Communists in Contramaestre accompany economic and social strategy

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Young communists from Contramaestre, a municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba, accompany with concrete actions the first steps of the implementation of the economic and social strategy drawn up by the Cuban government to overcome the current difficult period.

The Young Communist League (UJC by its Spanish name) of this municipality plans to cover more than 15 key sectors for the development of various activities, including political and ideological work, recreation and recognition of the outstanding performers.

At the center of the youth’s work will be food production, within which they will promote the creation of movements for planting crops in backyards and school gardens, the agricultural interest clubs, that the base committees have an area of self-consumption in their study or work centers and encourage productive work.

As to the Sugar Industry, the participation of the young people will be promoted in the search for solutions to problems that arise in the plants, productive work in the cane cuts, as well as the realization of cultural activities with the art instructors of the José Martí Brigade (BJM) and the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS).

Evaluating in the UJC Base Committees the primary and secondary health care in the different areas, besides listening and responding their questions and concerns of the students of Medical Sciences, constitute actions for the Health sector.

In addition, there is a need to strengthen the specialized clubs in primary and secondary education related to Hygiene and Epidemiology.

In support to Telecommunications, the UJC will carry out technological fairs with young people, to give courses on social networks, and to evaluate in ordinary meetings of militants the progress of the process of computerization of Cuban society.

Young people in the first line

For the construction sector, work will be done on vocational training and professional orientation of students who choose courses with profiles in the sector and their respective work location. In the Electric power sector, the Energy Brigades will be activated to guarantee the saving of energy carriers where the click patrols are inserted in schools and communities.

As to Transport sector, the intention is, among other actions, to systematically evaluate the use, care and rationality of the means of transport and fuel.

In the case of the hydraulic sector, we will continue to promote the use and rational saving of water from schools and work centers, as well as the participation of young people in the solution of existing problems both in neighborhoods, communities as well as in the sector itself.

Promoting innovation, stimulating home service, exchanging and holding fairs with workers in the non-state sector are among the actions of the Trade and Manufacturing sector planned for this stage.

With a high dose of responsibility, awareness and political maturity, the young militant boatswain will face this accumulation of tasks to support the economic and social strategy in this hard moment that Cuba is going through, as a continuity of the construction of the future of the nation.


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