The return of Cuban life savers from Italy

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The Homeland, proudly received the Cuban lifesavers, who offered their services for two months in the city of Crema, Lombardy Italy.There, the people are grateful to see themselves or their relatives brought back to life, thanks to the love of the doctors and nurses of the island.

Only love engenders wonder, as the troubadour Silvio Rodriguez said. And those 52 heroes in white coats who today return to their families, come with the flag of victory, with the joy of duty accomplished.

Like doves, the white coats represent peace, when those who see their lives threatened by the merciless attack of a cruel pandemic, receive with pleasure, the reinforcement of the saviors of the soul and life, the Cuban doctors and nurses, who do not care about the risks, they only think about achieving that those in need of their service continue living.

At the same airport José Martí, in Havana, the brigade of health personnel, coming from Italy, receives the highest recognition of its people, it will conclude in their neighborhood, in their family. Cuba is all proud of the altruism of its medical specialists.

Nothing and no one will be able to extinguish the flame of life that Cuban collaborators in other countries light, as the enemies of good, enemies of Cuba, have wanted to do, with campaigns to discredit the noble work of doctors and auxiliary personnel in more than 22 countries.
On the contrary, there are more and more people in the world who support the proposal that Cuban doctors of the Henry Reeve Brigade be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The truth with justice will win!

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