Farm workers increase food production in the cold season

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The agrarian sector of the municipality of Contramaestre, in the south of the east of Cuba, is facing new challenges and very complex conditions. They are carrying out the sowing of crops of the cold season to guarantee food for the first months of 2021.

Juan Miguel Pérez García, Agricultural Delegate in this territory, said that from this month until February next year, about 12,338 hectares should be planted with viands, vegetables, grains and fruit trees.

Contramaestre’s agriculture is the one that sows the largest volume of hectares in the whole province of Santiago de Cuba; and for this stage it plans about 46 thousand hectares in order to satisfy the food demand of its inhabitants.

In this season of sowing cold season crops, biological products should be used due to the deficit of chemicals, in order to avoid plagues and diseases.

The use of animal traction for the farming works, once each variety of seed has germinated, will be decisive; as well as the fulfillment of the sowing programmed for the six that comprise the cold season in Cuban agriculture.

In view of the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States to the Island where agriculture is impacted and in the middle of the battle that the country is fighting for the resurgence of Covid-19, it is up to the agricultural workers of Contramaestre to sow as much as possible.

This is the only way to guarantee food for more than half a million inhabitants of the municipalities of Contramaestre and Santiago de Cuba, respectively.

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