Diversification, key to food production in Contramaestre

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Diversification and innovation are two of the characteristics that identify the Los Jardines estate located in the rural community of Camino de la Isla in the municipality of Contramaestre.

Yugsel Casanova Leyva usufructuary belonging to the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Domingo Portela Placeres, is one of the high producers who resides in this southeastern territory.

Various crops, grains and vegetables can be found in these lands that have been blessed by their fertility and agricultural yield.

Casanova Leyva not only stands out for its high agricultural yields with diversification but also for its innovations. The creation of two harvesters used for sowing all kinds of grains is an example of how much can be achieved when science and technology are applied.

In this regard Casanova Leyva added (…) in the case of a hectare of corn should be sown 65 to 66 thousand grains per hectare, to achieve that by hand is very difficult. With this technology I can adjust better and raise the level of production from five to six tons per hectare that we by hand only achieve from one to one point five (…)


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